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Layaway Plan

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Layaway your miniature donkeys at Li'l Angels Miiniature Donkey Farm!


Li'l Angels will not be breeding in the future. We are putting all efforts into enjoying the beloved donkeys we have and taking time to follow up on donkeys we have sold and where they are now. We are responsible for what we put on this earth, the donkey population needs a break and needs our help to find forever homes. Please join our efforts and reward the donkeys.

We are so grateful for having found such joy in owning donkeys. We are ready for the next chapter and that is to give back to them. We are taking a break from breeding indefinately to open our farm as a foster facility to a great rescue run by kind souls with a mission. Visit to see all of the animals up for adoption. Fostering can bring such reward. Please read the foster guidelines on their site and give it some thought. Open a space in your heart, there is room I promise!

Our layaway plan is very simple: You just pick out your favorite donkey gelding or jennet and place a deposit on him (or her). Then make regular payments until you pay the balance in full. We will hold your donkey for up to 6 months. Then you take your donkey home! We DO NOT refund deposit money after 7 days of purchase.

One exception......placing a jack on lay-a-way will be done at our discression only, depending on current available space.

Donkeys will remain here until fully paid for and we will keep up all routine care for the six months. You will be responsible for any extended veterinary care in the unlikely event that it would be necessary. Is that easy or what?

If you are a local buyer, we will deliver your donkeys for you if you are unable to pick them up. If you are not a local buyer, please e-mail us for a list of reputable equine shippers.

We will also follow up after your donkeys get home to make sure everything is going OK. We like to make sure our customers and donkeys all make the transition with ease and that no questions are left unanswered.


For more information please contact:

Jennifer Eastep


Welcome to Li'l Angels Miniature Donkeys!

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